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Water Fact

Millions of litres of rainwater is wasted every time it rains.

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Water Savings & OSD

The Vision Water WaterCellâ„¢ is preserving and conserving the environment by significantly reducing mains water use and peak flow stormwater runoff for every property where it is installed.

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Our Awards

Vision Water has been recognised by industry leaders for the development of WaterCellâ„¢, a truly sustainable rainwater harvesting system for all types of buildings.

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Case Study

00Hornsby Heights - Four-Bedroom Dwelling House
This dwelling house was constructed on a standard 600 m2 suburban lot at Hornsby Heights and completed in March 2006 That dwelling has been occupie...
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The potential contribution to sustainable development and economy of resource usage from widespread implementation of WaterCell™ technology goes hand in glove with environmental focus.

Rainfall patterns in Australia generally, and along the entire east coast of Australia in particular, are irregular with lengthy periods of virtually no rainfall, punctuated by unpredictable spasmodic short storm bursts of extremely high rainfall intensity which cause nuisance flooding and at times significant damage.

The east coast of Australia does not have a defined seasonal wet or dry period and the intensive storms can occur during almost any month of the year.

Our studies reveal that these intensive storms can yield as much as 20% of the total annual household water usage within a 3 or 4 day period.

Therefore it is most important that the storage capacity of a rainwater harvesting system be large enough to ensure maximum harvest volume during these peak flow conditions.

As a natural consequence of its large harvesting and storage capacity, WaterCell™ technology provides a very efficient on-site stormwater detention facility.

At a time when water authorities have imposed extensive restrictions on the use of water throughout Australia and governments are contemplating massive expenditure on new infrastructure for alternative and additional sources of water supply for all capital cities, the first WaterCell™ prototype has provided a sustainable clean water supply for a new dwelling house located in a Sydney suburb since March 2006.

The second WaterCell™ prototype, installed into a new dwelling house at Gosford on the Central Coast of NSW (where local water authorities have imposed restrictions on the use of water since 2001) harvested more than 64,000 litres of rainwater during the last 3 months of construction from January to March 2007 and has continued to provide a sustainable water supply, free from water use restrictions.

Until now, if a building development is required to provide an on-site water supply, this would involve significant capital works and generally extensive earthworks to construct underground storage vessels or above ground tanks, if open space permits.

The earthworks involved and the transportation to site and handling of these large vessels contributes significantly to the cost of installation.

Conversely, WaterCell™ technology configures the sub-floor structure of any building to contain the cells with minimal excavation and simple installation, which remains accessible and serviceable after construction is completed.

Each cell weighs 28 kilograms and is warehoused and transported in a cardboard box measuring approximately 1 m x 1 m x 0.2 m and can be manhandled by a single person with the use of a light trolley.


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