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Water Fact

Immediate implementation of watercell technology will extend the life of existing stormwater infrastructure

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Water Savings & OSD

The Vision Water WaterCellâ„¢ is preserving and conserving the environment by significantly reducing mains water use and peak flow stormwater runoff for every property where it is installed.

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Our Awards

Vision Water has been recognised by industry leaders for the development of WaterCellâ„¢, a truly sustainable rainwater harvesting system for all types of buildings.

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Case Study

00Narara - Four-Bedroom Family Home
This dwelling house was constructed in Narara a suburb of Gosford on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The region is burdened by level 4 water ...
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Water Facts

  • Immediate implementation of watercell technology will simultaneously ease the demand on the existing centralised water supply system

  • Coastal NSW is not in a drought - We have recieved the 30 year average rainfall for the last six years!

  • The average home uses between 2000 & 4000 litres of water per week.

  • Immediate implementation of watercell technology will significantly reduce the cost of new stormwater infrastructure in perpetuity

  • The watercell is contained within the building footprint and the components are accessible, serviceable, maintainable, replaceable, recyclable and affordable.

  • Immediate implementation of watercell technology will deliver an immediate clean water supply for that project

  • Millions of litres of rainwater is wasted every time it rains.

  • The Water Cell can also be used as a OSD (Onsite Stormwater Detension) solution.

  • One of our Water Cell case study developments located in Sydney has been fully self sustainable from Sydney Water for over 12 months, including drinking water!

  • There is more than enough rainwater if collected for an average home to be fully self sustainable

  • The Water Cell can store over 64,000 litres of rainwater under the floor of a conventional family home

  • The WaterCell bladder is manufactured from recyclable polyethylene to USFDA and EC compliance for food contact and drinking water.

  • Watercell technology delivers a potable water supply at a reasonable and sustainable cost to all buildings ? not just houses.

  • Immediate implementation of watercell technology will extend the life of existing stormwater infrastructure

  • The Method of sub floor construction required for the Water Cell helps the protection against Termites and also improves subfloor ventilation.

  • Vision Water can design water harvesting solutions into any new development!


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