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Water Fact

The Water Cell can store over 64,000 litres of rainwater under the floor of a conventional family home

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Water Savings & OSD

The Vision Water WaterCellâ„¢ is preserving and conserving the environment by significantly reducing mains water use and peak flow stormwater runoff for every property where it is installed.

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Our Awards

Vision Water has been recognised by industry leaders for the development of WaterCellâ„¢, a truly sustainable rainwater harvesting system for all types of buildings.

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Case Study

00Hornsby Heights - Four-Bedroom Dwelling House
This dwelling house was constructed on a standard 600 m2 suburban lot at Hornsby Heights and completed in March 2006 That dwelling has been occupie...
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The water cell components

Storage Cell

  • The storage cell is a manufactured polymer bag used to store portable water
  • Non structural and takes the shape of its container
  • Shallow in depth, generally less than 1 metre
  • Of any width, generally 4 metres wide
  • Of any length, generally 6 metres in length
  • Integral inlet spigot located on the top surface of the bag
  • Integral outlet spigot located at the bottom of the bag
  • Integral overflow spigot located to control the volume of the bag
  • Integral support flaps to suspend the top surface of the bag from the floor structure
  • Oversized to prevent pressurising the polymer bag

Detention Storage Cell

  • Similar to a standard storage cell
  • Fitted with an overflow manifold located to a preset storage volume less than the capacity of the storage cell
  • Provides a permanently partly unfilled chamber for peak flow rain events
  • Fitted with a smaller overflow manifold to pre-specified discharge control

Cell Support Walls

  • Located under the floor of a building
  • Used to support the Storage Cell
  • Forms an integral part of the building structure
  • May be constructed using masonry
  • May be constructed using a galvanised steel framework lined with fibre cement sheet

Cell Wall Liner

  • Interface between the storage polymer cell and the support wall to prevent puncture of the bag
  • May be rendered masonry
  • May be fibre cement sheet fixed to a galvanised steel frame using recessed screw fasteners
  • May be a polymer sheet
  • May be a geo-textile fabric

Storage Chamber Base

  • Used to support the base of the polymer storage cell
  • Formed on compacted road base or sand
  • May be poured concrete working slab
  • Geotextile fabric liner placed over the prepared ground surface or over the working slab
  • Incorporate sub floor drainage connected to stormwater overflow system

Inlet Manifold

  • Manufactured using 90mm UV stabilised PVC fittings
  • Incorporating leaf filter
  • Incorporating silt filter
  • Incorporating first flush valve device
  • Incorporating a removable section from the outside of the building for inspection and cleaning

Outlet Manifold

  • Utilizing 25mm diameter UV stabilised polymer pipe
  • Incorporating isolating taps to each storage cell
  • Incorporating non return valve to lower cells connected to the system (for sloping sites)
  • Incorporating non return valve for detention storage cell
  • Connects all storage cells to the pump

Overflow Manifold

  • Utilizing standard 90mm diameter UV stabilised polymer pipe
  • Attached to each storage cell
  • Utilizing 50mm diameter UV stabilised polymer pipe for the detention cell


  • Standard commercial pump connected to power supply
  • Connected to the outlet manifold to provide water supply
  • Connected to household reticulation utilizing standard plumbing fittings and fixtures


  • Any new residential, commercial, industrial, institutional or ancillary building located in a rural or urban environment
  • Incorporating a suspended structural floor system at least 300mm above the top of the storage cell
  • Must incorporate damp proof course where masonry elements are used to construct the building
  • Must incorporate physical ant-cap barrier
  • Must incorporate sub-floor ventilation


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