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Water Fact

The Water Cell can also be used as a OSD (Onsite Stormwater Detension) solution.

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Water Savings & OSD

The Vision Water WaterCellâ„¢ is preserving and conserving the environment by significantly reducing mains water use and peak flow stormwater runoff for every property where it is installed.

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Our Awards

Vision Water has been recognised by industry leaders for the development of WaterCellâ„¢, a truly sustainable rainwater harvesting system for all types of buildings.

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Case Study

00Hornsby Heights - Four-Bedroom Dwelling House
This dwelling house was constructed on a standard 600 m2 suburban lot at Hornsby Heights and completed in March 2006 That dwelling has been occupie...
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The water cell features

Building construction

  • Standard roof and gutter system,
  • Standard plumbing and reticulation,
  • Building subfloor construction has been proportioned deliberately to be suitable and adaptable to current commercially available building products.

Unique Features

  • Method of subfloor construction,
  • Use of the bag in conjunction with the building construction, subfloor structure,
  • Geometry or shape of the storage vessel system (less than 1m in depth),
  • Portability of the container,
  • Ease of replacement,
  • Ease of installation,
  • Volume of storage,
  • Material utilized for the storage vessel and
  • The storage vessel or bag can not be used above-ground, in isolation of the building structure

Advantages over conventional tanks

  • Cost
  • Storage and warehousing,
  • Space saving does not impose on open space,
  • Transportation,
  • Does not increase site coverage ratio,
  • Handling and installation,
  • Does not cause visual pollution,
  • Replacement with ease and low cost,
  • Standard plumbing fittings,
  • Standard building components and products,
  • Utilizes the subfloor structure of building for support,
  • Produces potable grade water,
  • Hydraulics concepts are elementary,
  • Better standard and quality of construction will result because of professional involvement in
  • design and inspection,
  • Readily adaptable to new construction,
  • Can be used with any suspended floor construction system,
  • Suitable for large volume storage,

Special features

  • System must be designed by specialist,
  • System must be inspected and approved by specialist,
  • Cannot be used with slab-on-ground construction,

The advantages over anything else available

  • Method of construction
  • No special earthworks
  • Minimal excavation
  • No special earthworks
  • Standard building footings
  • Standard floor structure
  • Ease Transportation
  • Lightweight (handle by 1 person)
  • Small container
  • Ease of installation
  • No cranes
  • Lightweight
  • Repair/Replacement
  • Capacity of storage


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