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Water Fact

Immediate implementation of watercell technology will significantly reduce the cost of new stormwater infrastructure in perpetuity

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Water Savings & OSD

The Vision Water WaterCellâ„¢ is preserving and conserving the environment by significantly reducing mains water use and peak flow stormwater runoff for every property where it is installed.

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Our Awards

Vision Water has been recognised by industry leaders for the development of WaterCellâ„¢, a truly sustainable rainwater harvesting system for all types of buildings.

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Case Study

00Boat Harbour - Luxury House
Located North of Sydney this luxury beach home is nearing completion. The design of this dwelling boasts countless features and appointments but at...
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WaterCell used for Bushfire Protection

Vision Water can work with you, your architect or building designer and show you how to incorporate WaterCell Technology to achieve a bushfire protection solution by integrating rainwater harvesting and building construction methods that will provide a BCA compliant 4 hour fire rated safe house within the subfloor structure of your building and a dedicated water supply.

Blaze. Fire Safety. Results of a Fire.
Application: Suitable for new building construction.
Purpose: Your reason to use WaterCell:
WaterCell Type: Suitable to use:
  • WaterCell Standard
  • WaterCell Car Park
Building Construction:
  • Compliance with BCA specification to achieve a 4 hour fire rated structure and must be certified by an accredited building professional.
  • Access door to the WaterCell chamber must be a compliant fire rated assembly.
  • All penetrations must be fire stopped and sealed to prevent smoke penetration.
  • Purpose built design and construction.
  • The WaterCell chambers are located under the floor of the building.
  • It is essential that the building designer configure the shape and size of the building at the initial concept planning stage to ensure that the sub-floor layout is consistent with the WaterCell chamber template.
  • The footings and sub-floor walls must be designed and certified by the project structural engineer.
  • WaterCell can be easily installed by 2 people no mechanical equipment required.
  • WaterCell chamber constructed by the builder as an integral part of the building.
  • Plumbing and rainwater goods installed by licensed plumber.
  • Pump and electrics installed by licensed electrician.
Environmental Benefits:
  • Reduce mains water use.
  • Reduce stormwater runoff.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Reduce the cost of public water supply infrastructure.
  • Reduce the cost of public stormwater infrastructure.


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